Telegram Clicker Apps Mania: Will Users Ever Be Able to Spend Their Points?

The world of Telegram is experiencing a frenzy of clicker games. From the rise of Notcoin to the recent surge of Hamster Kombat with 100 million users, these simple tap-to-play games are captivating users. But are they just fleeting trends, or is there a deeper meaning and easy earnings in this clicker craze?

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, hinted at the potential of this segment in a recent message: “Games are a great way to attract new users and create communities. But the real benefit will come from integrating this experience with the open Telegram TON network.” This statement suggests that clicker games are poised to go beyond mere entertainment.

“Imagine clicker games where your taps translate into real actions on the TON blockchain – certainly a promising perspective.”

Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, and Blum are just a few of the leading clicker games. Notcoin set records by achieving 10 billion taps in one day! Hamster Kombat is undeniably on the current hype train. Who hasn’t heard about this project? Practically no one! The hype is driven by very obvious aspects.

  1. Simplicity of execution
  2. The Telegram ecosystem (where you can perform simple actions to earn currency without leaving the app)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. New clicker games are emerging daily, highlighting the genre’s effectiveness in creating communities within Telegram. But the question remains – what’s next? What are the long-term plans for this massive audience, beyond impressive statistics? Taking today’s example of Notcoin – the hype is insane. The token at times provided its holders with significant profits (+58% in a day). So, there is potential – but is it limited? Most likely not because, while many thought that the narrative of this bull run would be L2 projects, it turned out to be meme coins and Telegram clickers

Coins that were previously considered just speculative assets can now be used even for everyday purchases. This can be a huge step forward for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, as it makes them more accessible and convenient to use. Of course, the use of crypto cards with meme coins is still limited. Not all stores accept them, and there may be some restrictions on the amounts and types of purchases.

But this is just the beginning! As more clicker games and meme coins are integrated with crypto cards, this technology will become more widespread. This could lead to meme coins becoming more stable and valuable assets. After all, if they can be used for purchases, the demand for them will grow.

To sum up one thought: one thing can be said with certainty: meme coins and crypto cards are changing the world. They are making cryptocurrencies more accessible and convenient to use, which could lead to their mass adoption. But they are also changing social networks like Twitter, where they have created a crazy buzz.

This is happening not only on Twitter – posts on Facebook, stories on Instagram, and even videos on TikTok showcase the frenzy. And the top of insanity – Now you can pay with memcoins from your card – all the socials are already flooded with videos how grocery payments with memecoin-branded cards have been made.

Is this simply a case of FOMO defining the trend? Are people just succumbing to the hype? Or is there something more to these clicker games? Only time will tell if they can evolve from pure entertainment into a platform with real utility, as Durov believes.

The future of clicker games remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: they have captured the attention of millions. Given that Telegram might integrate them with the TON blockchain, clicker games could become more than just a way to pass the time. While clicker apps have proven to be effective in capturing a large audience, it is essential for apps to have a clear understanding on what to do with this massive social power. Though most of the clicker app projects launch their tokens, many of them don’t have a clear plan on what to do next and how to support its’ price. Without a reliable way for users to convert their points or rewards into real-world benefits, these clicker apps may struggle to retain their user base and ultimately fail. This might be the reason why some clicker apps try to ensure that their users are able to reap tangible benefits from their engagement, leading to long-term success and sustainability.

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